Government and Taxes

I believe that the government closest to the people governs best. That means that government also should get out the way most of the time. I believe that government should do few things and do them well. For government to be most effective they need to step out of the way, keeps taxes low, and cultivate a business-friendly environment. Government should never pick winners and losers. The best way to raise revenues is for government to keep taxes low and foster economic growth.

Public Safety

As the son of a 35 year veteran of the police force, I understand the great sacrifice our brave police officers and firefighters go through. It is the number one role of our government to keep us safe and protect our rights. I will be an effective legislator on Capitol Hill to bring about criminal justice reform and fight for the men and women who keep us safe.


As a concealed weapons permit holder and member of the NRA I cherish the freedoms and rights laid out in the Second Amendment. As your representative I will fight to protect this right. I also believe in, and would sponsor, Common Sense carry laws.

Public Lands

I’ve worked on the public lands fight for years and know the hardship that the federal government places on this state and its residents. The federal government owns 70% of the land in Utah and that’s 70% of the land that isn’t taxable, cripples our mining and gas industry, and hurts public education. As your legislator I will work effectively with our state and federal officials to bring this land into the hands of Utahns.

West-side Representation

For too long the West-side of the Salt Lake Valley has been neglected by our state legislature. I will fight for West Jordan and West-side projects to bring economic vitality and growth to the West-side.

Open Space

My experience in county and city government has made it clear to me that it is vital to plan and prepare for the future when dealing with open space. West Jordan is growing at one of the fastest rates of any city in the state and we are uniquely positioned to have some of the best trails, parks, and open space in the valley. I will fight for your access to trails, recreation, and the Jordan River. I will not waste this opportunity.


Some of the state’s biggest transportation projects are going to be happening right here in West Jordan. With the completion of the Mountain View Corridor to the freeway-style on and off-ramps coming to Bangerter Highway, it’s important to have a representative who can hit the ground running on day one to make sure our city and your voice is heard.


While I fully support choice in education, I intend to support our public schools and be a partner with parents, schools, and the Jordan School District. For 12 years my father taught school at West High (at the same time he was a police officer in Salt Lake City) so I understand the sacrifices our teachers make for their students and will make recruiting the most qualified teachers a top priority.


There may be other issues you are concerned about and I would love to hear them. You can contact me any time through email at, through my campaign Facebook page, or give me a call on my cell phone at 801-814-8963.